The Church

“What is the Church?”

“I attend a Baptist church.” “I attend a Catholic church.” “I attend and Presbyterian church.” “I attend a non-denominational church.” The choices of churches to attend on Sunday are immense and intimidating. Does one have it more right? Does one do the right things? Does one follow Jesus more? Is one more Biblical? While these are all valid questions to ask and by observing the lives of the members in relation to the Bible can reveal concrete answers, what many people still struggle to understand is, “what is the Church?”

In the same way that all of us are different from one another and our differences is a good thing, having multiple options to choose from in regards to Sunday worship and weekly fellowship can also be a great thing. However, we at Mobile Word Ministry believe that there is a line that should cut through all denominations that Biblical keeps us anchored to the Gospel and to Jesus Christ. We believe that as long as we stay true to the larger context of the Church as the Body of Christ we can live in harmony with and grow together alongside people from many different denominations and places of worship.